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Entry #11

Going on Vacation.

2009-07-07 16:16:33 by Panzerknacker

Well, tomorrow's the day I go on my vacation to England! This will be the first time I'm travelling on my own, so naturally, I am a little nervous. But I'm sure everything will be fine!

I'll be there for almost three weeks, starting in London and then moving north to Manchester, and then back again.

Wish me luck, everyone!

...or don't, if that's how you feel.

Going on Vacation.


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2009-07-07 16:33:35

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor. May you not be taken advantage of in any way.

Please enjoy the remainder of your twenty-four hour span of time.

Panzerknacker responds:

Thank you very much! I'm about to leave in just an hour now. Excitement...!


2009-11-24 12:39:55

cool cool well if it happens to be raining there don't get p*ssed of its always raining (i should know because i live there)
and one thing i am aware u already been there and that u might know dis but still and also i hope u had a good time

Panzerknacker responds:

Lol, you were a bit late. (look who's talking huh) Anyway, the weather was ok, first few days were sunny and bright, then it rained.


2009-11-24 12:42:44

one more thing how hard i it to get to level sixteen and be safety patrol i ask cuase im quit a total noob and im aware of that but i dont care eventuly i won't be still

Panzerknacker responds:

I dunno, haven't been very active on ng for a while, just keep voting and blamming and protecting and you'll get there, and beyond!


2009-12-30 17:11:23

Oh know... coming to my country? Big mistake.


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