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18 years of life.

2008-10-16 06:11:17 by Panzerknacker

Well, today is my 18th birthday. I am now, in the eyes of the law, an adult. The crushing weight of responsibility grows heavier and heavier...
Or does it?
It doesn't really feel that way. I don't feel any older/wiser than I did a few months ago. I certainly don't feel any more mature! (LOLCOCKJOKESARETEHFUNNIES!!!OMG, DESU!!!!)

I guess your age doesn't really determine how "old" you are. You are as young/old as you feel, and if being an immature little snot-nosed brat makes you happy, then go ahead. If you're more into beng a smart-ass college boy, then be my guest. I think I'll aim for somewhere in between, and be an immature, snot-nosed, smart-ass college boy who plays a lot of video games. And possibly, animates stuff with Flash, something I haven't done in a long time.

I just haven't had any motivation to do anything with Flash lately. Hopefully I'll find something to inspire me this year and start animating for real again. In the meantime, I'll keep up my Mario Paint compositions. (Which can be viewed on Youtube *hint, hint*)

Well, If you read this far, thank you for your attention, and enjoy yur life as much as you can. I've been alternating between depressed and euphoric a few times this year, but on the whole, I've come to realise that life is actually pretty sweet. Don't forget that, dear reader. Life is, when all is said and done, good.

Speaking of Mario Paint, here's an example of my genius:

/* */
Have a good day!


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2008-10-16 06:32:13

happy birthday
nice song

Panzerknacker responds:

Thank you kindly!


2008-11-29 09:33:21

you gott a point there.....but i do not...agree...on the cock joke part...........i...think that.
...........shoop da more comments.............................
.............................BLAAAAAA AAAAAAAARGH!!

Panzerknacker responds:



2008-12-02 17:29:57

Great song.

Also, you're right life is pretty damn awesome in the whole scheme of things.

Panzerknacker responds:

Isn't it just? It's amazing how wonderful it is to just lie back and breathe, and think about fluffy..things... er.. I lost my train of thought there.


2008-12-16 13:53:03

You make me lol

Panzerknacker responds:

Sweet! Spreading joy is so kewl! :3


2008-12-19 08:46:54

check your ps3 message box.

Panzerknacker responds:

Welcome to my friend's list! ;)


2008-12-31 12:23:04

omgzorz i is in ur sig!!!!!!!!!! omg thknj u!!!

Panzerknacker responds:

Not anymore, sry, but fun while it lasted right?